5 Beginner tips for indoor cannabis grow

things that really helped me out on my first time growing cannabis indoors and I believe it made the difference
here is the link to some of the tools I used on this video

PH pen

BLUELAB ppm, pen 57$

seeds and genetics @

fabric potshttps://www.amazon.com/VIVOSUN-5-Pack-Thickened-Nonwoven-Handles



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Contributions from Sacramento cannabis dispensaries raise ethical questions

There’s a Sacramento connection to a campaign finance scheme that involves using foreign money to influence U.S. elections. Four people were indicted last week, including a Ukrainian-born businessman Andrey Kukushkin, who was arrested in San Francisco. His business partner, Garib Karapetyan has been identified as holding cannabis licenses for multiple dispensaries around Sacramento, despite tight rules about ownership. Get the full story in the video above.

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Kusala SF premium cannabis – Haight N Bluurbury

Kusala SF is a licensed indoor facility based in San Francisco California, dedicated to cultivating premium cannabis. Our state of the art facility coupled with over 40 years of experienced indoor cannabis cultivation produces only the highest quality Cannabis. The Team at Kusala Urban Farm infuse the pioneering spirit of cannabis cultivating while complying with all state requirements.

Olivia Newton-John & John Easterling: Cultivating Cannabis (September 5, 2019)

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Toronto Cannabis Delivery

We specialize in finding the right product for you. Each brand has been carefully curated by top specialists to provide you with the best experience. Grown and tested by top laboratories in the country, our cannabis selection can be customized for any need and palette.
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Delivery Methods for Cannabis Consumption

When it comes to administering Cannabis…
There are 3 major delivery methods: , Inhalation, Oral and Topical Application
Inhalation is the most bioavailable delivery method, with many tools available
And vaping delivers 30-50% percent of active ingredients into the bloodstream…
… Quickly crossing the blood-brain barrier,where cannabinoids bind with receptors and get to work. Oral.

With such diverse delivery products…
There are two main ingestion methods – gastro-intestinally or sublingually.
Metabolic processes mean they kick in slowly, but provide lasting benefits.
Edibles only have an absorption rate of 10%, but they’re ideal for people with gut health problems.
Sublingual ingestion increases absorption rates.

Cannabis can also be applied topically and has the ability to provide relief without euphoria.
Topicals typically have low absorption rates.
But whole-plant products can boost absorption…
And a range of products offers soothing relief.
Find the ideal cannabis consumption method for you.