The Python is the new continuous feed trimmer that processes 350 lb. of cannabis or hemp per HOUR! Trim 2,500 pounds per day with our fast, bladeless, quiet, effective and affordable trimmer. It works through the tumbling of buds through the netted chambers. No blades, no oils, no noise, and easy to clean!

The Python is very popular with our large growers who need to process a lot of material quickly but who care about the quality of the flowers in the end.

This video is the first run at a hemp farm in So. Cal that just bought their trimmer. See other videos for the end product.
Contact Tom’s Tumble Trimmer at 800-601-0797 for more information or to place your order.
Introductory price $59,999. A deposit of $15,000 is needed to place your order for delivery in October. Order now!

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